Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1.How do I choose a good law firm?

        In our opinion, it is important to find a firm that is dedicated to their clients, behaves ethically and produces quality work. These factors should be considered in order to ensure that you are retaining a good law firm rather than just an expensive law firm. Finding good professional services in the legal field, as well as in any other field, often requires some research. The firm welcomes your consideration and to arrange an appointment to discuss your legal matter.

  1. 2.Does your firm provide free initial consultation?

        The firm provides free initial consultation for new clients who are seeking to commence a lawsuit. The free initial consultation lasts 30 minutes and the regular attorney fee of $175 an hour applies thereafter. There is a 10% discount for initial consultation for new clients.

  1. 3.I am not sure if my case is worth that much, should I go to small claims court?

        The maximum amount you can seek in a small claims court is currently $10,000 for a natural person, and $5,000 for a business or public entity. Please contact the firm to discuss your options.